The best tips for a successful sales prospecting strategy

Every company wants to convert a large number of leads into customers. We gave you the basics to set up a sales prospecting strategy already, but that’s not all there is to know… Defining a successful sales prospecting strategy is what will make you stand out from the competition. Indeed, you will appear more prepared, more efficient, more expert in what you do. Don’t panic, let this article guide you to generate qualified leads.

To achieve your sales prospecting goals :

  • use a business development plan;
  • pay attention to the form and content of your commercial proposal;
  • use modern sales prospecting tools.

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Use a sales prospecting plan as a basis

The implementation of a sales prospecting plan is a crucial step to ensure the success of a lead gen campaign.

Define the personas of your sales prospecting strategy

The development of a marketing strategy starts with the definition of targets. The socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics of leads and prospects must be analyzed. Indeed, sales prospecting techniques change according to the maturity level of a target.

A lukewarm prospect requires the adoption of a communication strategy based on the presentation of the interest of a product. It serves to convince the target to enter a conversion tunnel. On the other hand, a warm prospect needs a guide to encourage him to finalize his actions and make a purchase.

Segmenting your targets is the key to a successful sales prospecting strategy

Target segmentation is essential to define marketing objectives. This strategy helps to select the most appropriate sales prospecting methods for each conversion stage.

You can resort to telephone prospecting, use social networks or rely on email marketing. This last type of strategy is extremely effective in quickly converting leads into qualified prospects. Once your plan is well developed, you can adapt your sales prospecting strategies to the culture of your international clients easly. But how?

Target segmentation allows you to build an effective prospecting plan to obtain satisfactory results after a lead generation campaign.

Sales Prospecting tips

Pay attention to the presentation of you sales proposal

The objective of any commercial prospecting is to convert leads into customers. Its success depends on several criteria, in particular on the consideration of the expectations of a target audience.

Pay attention to the presentation of your content

The presentation of the message plays a crucial role in all business development strategies. Make sure to take care of the form in order to attract the attention of a target. You can use attractive visuals depending on the prospecting channels. This technique contributes to the success of a lead gen campaign.

Don’t forget to consider the user experience. A target may be interested in the title of your content, but they may want to view it on their phone or tablet. They may turn to your competitors if you haven’t thought about adapting your messages to any type of medium.

To succeed in email prospecting, get straight to the point. Present the essential without beating around the bush. Indeed, often, a lead will only take a few seconds to read your message. In this case, if you don’t manage to capture his intention quickly, your message may end up in his basket without him having read it to the end.

Adapt your content to the needs of your personas

The content of an email or a LinkedIn post should add value to your brand. Highlight a marketing solution that addresses your target’s issues in order to encourage them to enter a conversion tunnel. Ideally, you should use simplified language so that the message is clear and concise.

The personalization of messages is a crucial element in commercial prospecting. Make the recipient of a prospecting email understand that you are interested in him and that you want to help him solve his problem. The objective is to convince a target that the message is addressed to him. Avoid copying and pasting. This practice saves you time, but also risks losing potential customers.

Surround yourself with efficient sales prospecting tools

Investing in sales prospecting tools is an effective prospecting solution to quickly increase the conversion rate of leads into prospects. Here are the most commonly used tools in sales prospecting:

  • CRM: to centralize customer data and monitor sales performance in real time;
  • Kaspr: to automate the sending of a message on LinkedIn and generate contacts easily and get emails and phone numbers of your leads;


Ask a content marketing expert for advice on which prospecting tools are best suited to your marketing needs.


The last impression is a decisive phase for a prospect. It is essential to look for an effective communication strategy to end your message with a bang. Add a motivating call to action and an enticing offer at the end of your message. These tips will help you qualify prospects and acquire customers.


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