How to increase the performance of your marketing activities without effort?

To ensure the success of your marketing strategy, it is necessary to increase its performance. You can consult our page on marketing strategies to adopt. Marketing automation is one of the techniques to achieve this goal. It offers many possibilities to increase the conversion of your marketing campaigns and refine the segmentation of your contact base. In this article, you will learn more about this technique and other tips to increase the performance of your marketing activities.

This article will cover the following points:

  • Start by defining your objectives
  • Use marketing automation
  • Identify your competitors’ position
  • Measure constantly
  • Value each of your actions
  • Choose your performance indicators carefully

Marketing activities

Start by defining your objectives

Defining your objectives is the main challenge for increasing the performance of your marketing activities. To do this, you need to ask yourself the following question: what steps in the customer journey do you want to automate and why? The next step is to enter simple scenarios and optimise them as you go along. Without this, there is a risk of staying too long in the reflection phase without testing the basics. Reflection also involves defining multiple complex workflows. Then comes the “test and learn” phase.

It is necessary to adjust the various criteria according to the consequences on the performance of the campaigns. This is done with the aim of continuous improvement. The circle involves testing, analysing, optimising and repeating the process.

Use marketing automation

Marketing automation involves automatically coordinating all the steps of a marketing campaign. This is done with the aim of communicating personalised messages adapted to the situation at the most appropriate time. To do this, you need to define scenarios and initiate a process based on certain conditions, depending on the user’s behaviour. The elements chosen for each hypothesis are therefore :

  • audience segments
  • Communication channels;
  • associated content;
  • key sending moments.

This practice is advantageous for any type of organisation. It is suitable for both BtoB and BtoC sectors.

Identify the position of your competitors

Obviously, it is necessary to study the position of your competitors in order to situate yourself in your economic environment. Nowadays, it is possible, thanks to the Internet, to define the advantages and the points exploited by the competition. The data collected and analysed allows you to improve the positioning of your company and to stand out thanks to your commercial efficiency.

To study the positioning of your competitors, start by analysing the presence in the market segments. Also analyse the size of the company, the profiles of the customers they target and the positioning of the offers.

Measure consistently

Marketing activities should be measured on an ongoing basis rather than only at the end of the process to have better control over your campaigns. It is also an opportunity to analyse the different elements of the strategy and make adjustments where necessary.

Continuous measurement also allows you to better understand the behaviour of your prospects. This makes it easier to adapt your actions accordingly. In this case, you can define when your contacts tend to open your messages. So don’t hesitate to adjust your sending time accordingly. You will be able to have the history of mail openings thanks to your CRM platform like hubspot.

In addition, constant measurement gives you the opportunity to identify problems more quickly. This makes it easier and quicker to implement solutions before it’s too late.

Make every action count

Review your campaigns to establish good compliance practices with your customers. Do not hesitate to encourage your teams to do performance monitoring, especially if they rely on tools to :

  • see the data, investments and results correctly
  • monitor spending and resources;
  • exploit the full potential of successful strategies and identify what is not working;
  • Align the marketing plan with the work done by the teams.

Know that by using the right tools, you can improve your visibility to optimise your performance and results.

Choose your performance indicators well

Choosing the right performance indicators (KPIs) is the key to increase the performance of your marketing activities. The choice depends on each company and the nature of its activity. The role of an indicator is above all to help measure or evaluate the objectives of the organisation’s strategy directly. It is also an important decision-making tool.

Your indicators must therefore be relevant and easily understandable. In addition, it is wise not to choose a large number of indicators. This will prevent you from getting confused in the analysis and monitoring of performance.


To increase the performance of your marketing activities without effort, it is necessary to define your objectives well in advance. Do not hesitate to use marketing automation and to monitor the positioning of your competitors. Take constant measurements and value your actions in the process. Finally, take care to choose your performance indicators carefully so that they are meaningful and simple.

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