How to save time in commercial prospecting?

Prospecting requires time and energy. It is necessary to ensure the continuity of the company’s activities. If it is carried out efficiently, it can indeed lead to a sale. The more you prospect, the more you have the ability to increase your sales.

Here are some tips that can help you save time in your prospecting activities:

  • Automate the prospecting process
  • Opt for social selling
  • Improve the performance of your team


Automate the prospecting process

Given the tasks to be accomplished each day, automation is the best way to save time. To do this, use email as your primary tool. Make a list of the customers you have mailed in the last three months. By doing so, you make it easier to follow up on the responses and plan your follow-ups. You will avoid sending the same type of e-mail to a prospect several times. For this, you have at your disposal many platforms that can help you in the drafting of e-mails. They are also useful for organizing mailing lists, personalizing emails and creating templates.

The use of a CRM (like Hubspot) can optimize the collection of information about your customers. It can store data from your LinkedIn prospecting. Indeed, a dynamic template offers you the ability to consult the profile of your contacts. You also have an overview of their latest messages and recent comments. You can use this to improve your relationship with the prospect, and to build trust. Preparing arguments to convince them to make a purchase saves you time in prospecting.


Opt for social selling

Prospecting on social networks is a widespread practice. However, focus on LinkedIn if you want to generate qualified leads. To appreciate some examples of figures on the subject, you can download our free infographic: prospecting statistics on LinkedIn.

To be visible, fill out your profile correctly using keywords affiliated with your field of expertise. When your prospects perform specific searches, chances are you will appear in the results. You can also contact them by joining various groups that are compatible with your company profile.


To succeed in your LinkedIn prospecting, don’t hesitate to make your presence known. Be responsive to your prospects’ posts and comments. Keep an eye on their activities to determine the right time for a conversation. Don’t hesitate to link their needs to your products to build a relationship of trust. Take care of the information you make available to your potential customers. It should be interesting and provide real added value. Remember that getting the word out about a product, rather than selling it at any cost, is the primary objective of prospecting.


Improve the performance of your team

The performance of your employees is also an indicator to measure the effectiveness of your prospecting strategy. To save time, you need a competent and committed team. Schedule LinkedIn prospecting training at regular intervals to improve your employees’ skills. However, try to determine what they really need to advance. Team spirit and cooperation can also influence their behavior at work.

Challenging employees is also a sure-fire way to get them to do their best. Employees feel satisfied when they achieve the goal and try to do better at every opportunity. Don’t forget to plan a weekly or daily schedule. Inform your employees of their respective goals so that they can organize themselves accordingly. To facilitate performance monitoring, use a dashboard. This way, each of your employees can see how they are doing against their assigned goals. However, provide your employees with all the equipment they need to accomplish their tasks. We made a list of the best prospecting digital tools for your team.



Saving time in prospecting is possible if you automate some daily tasks, prospect on LinkedIn, implement social selling and  strengthen your relationship with your potential customers. From social networks, you can analyze their needs and propose solutions. To save time, you also need to bring your employees up to speed. To do so, organize training sessions, cultivate team spirit, launch challenges and use a dashboard.

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