The must-have LinkedIn prospecting tip: Automating prospecting with LinkedIn sales automation

You can automate repetitive marketing tasks. Software or specialised platforms make this possible. Automation is possible regardless of the prospecting strategy adopted: sending emails and invitations, personalising content, etc. LinkedIn sales automation, like many tools, is designed to mimic human behaviour. It is based on the behaviour of Internet users and allows targeted messages to be sent.

This practice offers many advantages:

  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Saving time
  • Selling effectively

Acquire and retain customers

Automation uses multiple online and offline channels and reaches a wider target audience. Indeed, some tools are more advanced, making multi-channel targeting possible. Automating your LinkedIn prospecting aims to improve your sales and marketing process. It facilitates lead generation by providing content that meets the needs of prospects. Moreover, the platform uses behavioural tracking methods to anticipate prospect actions and generate qualified leads. With the software, you can access data from social media, site visits, downloads, forms, etc. Create a personalised follow-up email for blocked leads and those who have abandoned the shopping cart. Use their information to capture their attention and keep it.

To save all this information, you need a CRM. This allows you to understand your performance in terms of prospecting and sales. Thus, to see where the investment pays off, you need to analyse the efforts of your team. With automation, you can reduce the burden on individual team members and increase productivity. Indeed, as the e-mails are sent automatically and the data collection is optimised, the identification of prospects is done quickly. Thanks to the reporting system, it is easier to identify shortcomings and to take corrective action as quickly as possible. To stay ahead of your competitors, be fast and listen to your prospects.

Save time

LinkedIn prospecting automation allows you to eliminate all repetitive and time-consuming tasks. It gives you the opportunity to focus on more important tasks. Moreover, automation reduces the risk of error caused by carelessness. In addition, you can use it if you want to identify prospects who are interested in buying your product or service. Thanks to an autopilot system, it is possible to send thousands of personalised e-mails every day. The more time you save, the more productivity you can increase.

The software writes personalised messages taking into account the profile of each of your potential customers. With this approach, you reduce the number of rejections to a minimum. Therefore, to encourage your customers to buy, you need to know their needs and propose your product as the solution. Automation makes it easy to follow up on the messages sent and to follow up with your prospects after a set period of time. In addition, you can add other information to engage your target audience. For an overview of the words to use, see the article: examples of prospecting emails.

Selling effectively with LinkedIn prospecting

By using LinkedIn prospecting automation, you will be able to track the progress of your prospects until they convert into customers. In addition, you can quickly identify prospects who are interested in your products and company. Identify consumer habits and the latest trends in the market. Adapt your communication strategy, your content and your marketing strategy to the needs of your prospects. You reduce the risk of failure through automation, because all this data is readily available to you.

The integration of automation is a smart way of working. Especially, it minimises the amount of time your employees have to spend on repetitive tasks. Your team has more time to develop more effective sales or prospecting strategies. The software can also serve as an interface between several departments. Managers are free to consult the progress of your various actions in relation to the set objectives at any time.


Automation aims to significantly improve your efforts to promote and sell your products. It allows you to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as sending personalised messages to your prospects. It also helps you gain and retain new leads. The software provides relevant information that you can use to develop personalised messages to engage potential customers. You can use this solution to find convincing arguments to close a sale quickly. To facilitate the follow-up of your prospecting actions, do not hesitate to use LinkedIn sales automation. However, other services working closely with yours may use it.

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