The 5 steps of commercial prospecting

To better reach target prospects and develop your business, it is essential to implement a good commercial prospecting strategy. Simplified and boosted by Internet, commercial prospecting is more and more fruitful as shown by the success of several companies.

Would you like to do the same? Follow these 5 steps and easily get your future potential customers!

Understanding the principle of prospecting

Prior to any commercial prospecting process, know the basics of customer prospecting and its purpose is paramount. This process consists of seeking out potential customers, particularly personalities who are likely to be interested in the services you offer.

As for the prospecting plan, it groups together all the procedures that a company must follow to find new customers.Then, establish a prospecting plan will allow you to better focus on your objectives and determine the customer criteria adapted to your business. We guarantee that you will save time.

There are three ways of commercial prospecting: field prospecting, field exploration and online prospecting (or remote prospecting).

  • Field Prospecting : Traditional field prospecting involves approaching people directly, on the street for example, to get their opinion on a particular offer. Door-to-door canvassing…through door-to-door contact is a branch of it.
  • Field Exploration
  • Online Prospecting : Currently, the majority of companies all use internet prospecting. Thanks to new technologies, online prospecting has become very practical and efficient. From your home or your office, you can choose between telephone prospecting and online prospecting. and digital prospecting

Discover, through this article, the 5 keys to succeed with brilliance your commercial prospecting.

Efficient prospecting in 5 steps

Commercial prospecting requires a lot of rigour. You will need to adopt the right strategies to attract the attention and gain the confidence of your prospects. Here are the five main steps that will allow you to develop your business activity in a short period of time.

#1 Define the objectives of your prospection

Upstream, set specific objectives such as keeping existing customers or winning new ones. If you want to increase your turnover, define the exact figure you want to achieve in a specific period of time. Set the number of customers you are looking for over a set period of time. This way you can better calculate how much time you will give to each prospect.

#2 Determining your typical prospect

Determining the profile of the prospect likely to be interested in your business is essential to save time. If your business is located in a limited geographical area, prospect people in the vicinity of that location. Depending on the services you offer, you may also be interested only in a particular age group or gender. Note that the more you refine your criteria, the better your prospects will be. Being interested in very specific targets will allow you to have a better result in record time.

Step for Prrospection

#3 Track your targets on social networks

Once you have defined the profile of your ideal prospect, you can start searching on LinkedIn. The latter are particularly rich in information, even the most personal. You can use specific types of software to help you in your search on LinkedIn, Viadeo, Instagram or Facebook. Get the emails and phone numbers of your targetted account via Kaspr! Then, choose you favorite tool for contacting them. We can recommend for exemple, to use Lemlist, Sendinblue or Active Campaign.

#4 Create a script or a mailing campaign

When you have found a way to contact your prospects, remember to prepare your speech in the framework of a telephone canvassing or your email for a mailing campaign. Note that a phone call is always faster and more efficient, as your prospect may take time to answer your e-mail. The content of your message must be of interest to your prospect. For your active canvassing to be successful, your prospect must feel personally concerned by your offer.

#5 Continue prospecting and keep in touch

After the prospecting call or email, continue your task with a prospecting follow-up. Between active and passive canvassingIf your prospect reacts, choose to be active and try to relaunch after a few days, or respond immediately if your prospect reacts. Your responsiveness always generates interest and can temper the high level of resistivity of some prospects. Your responsiveness will prove to your prospect that your offer concerns him personally, which will further stimulate his interest in your proposal.

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