Outbound Prospecting Strategy, how to get organized?

Typically, companies use an outbound marketing strategy to implement their business development. This is especially true since the business is in its infancy. Inbound prospecting has also proven its effectiveness by generating up to 5 times more leads or conversations. But the limits of this new solution are very real. Indeed, it is not always adapted to all types of structures and situations. Moreover, its repercussions are rather late in coming. It is only after a few months or even years that the results are felt. When outbound canvassing is done on a larger scale and in the right way, it is essential for the deployment of outbound sales.

In addition to the implementation of an adequate sales strategy, the performance of the sales teams is also an essential factor in outbound prospecting. A procedure must then be defined and adjusted over time, according to the needs of your company.

Start by defining the typical profile of your future client
Starting on a good basis is essential for any activity. The first step is to know the targets of your strategy beforehand. It is also necessary to know in which direction these typical prospects or persons will be beneficial to you.

Once you have set these parameters, you can quickly move on to the next step. The focus is on the personality of potential customers regarding their purchasing ability.

How should the first sales take place?

The founder of the company must carry out the first transactions. This will give him a clear picture of the reality on the ground. Moreover, it is interesting to establish a path for his team to follow. It may be only a few steps, but your sales manager and new recruits will have a concrete basis that will obviously be optimized as you go along.

There’s no point in being too demanding, as new digital prospecting is a regular occurrence. As proof, just a few years ago, social selling was not very convincing, whereas nowadays, social networks are a real niche for buyers.

Remain realistic in your goals

It all depends on your sales cycle, as well as your stakes. You may have hundreds of customers a month or just a few buyers a year. Just keep in mind that making a sale usually requires close to 10 points of contact. Only you can measure your expectations.

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Optimize training and improve equipment

Referring to these figures is the only way to see the evolution of its activity. The training and equipment of the sales team are necessary conditions for this. When these two points are respected, it is easier to hit the targets, and to undertake demonstrations or organize meetings. The goal is simply to increase revenues.

Several tools are at your disposal, starting with the one that allows you to generate leads by obtaining valuable information about your prospects, including their email address for example. It is also possible to boost your CRM thanks to different software. Other components are also to be discovered, such as tools for planning within your emailing campaign.

The team must be trained, via call scripts or mail templates, to talk to prospects. The first challenge is to make an appointment concrete. Identifying the facets of the product, as well as the proposed service is another asset. In the end, teamwork as well as individual performance will guarantee the success of your business.

Don’t forget the sales supports

Like tools and training, a team cannot be effective without the presence of an adapted marketing support. The famous prospecting files are a must to improve your lists. Indeed, by completing your data, your personal resources will prove to be more interesting, with a better conversion rate.

Always motivate your team

Each type of company will have to set up a bonus system to reward its employees. In practice, the manager allocates three levels of objectives. Competitions can be carried out and rewarded with a prize. Compared to the bonuses awarded annually, those that are returned quarterly are more motivating and effective. However, if your budget allows it, you can always apply both methods.

Finally, some structures opt for a classification within their workforce. This system is based on the individual performance of each person, pushing them to make more effort.

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