What are the steps of business prospecting?

Business prospecting is a strategy adopted by companies to find new customers. The benefits generated by this method allow boosting sales and increasing turnover. Would you like to know the steps to follow to implement this strategy? Follow this guide!

This article will deal with five essential points in business prospecting, namely

  • Building a database and targeting
  • Defining the message
  • The action plan
  • Follow-up
  • Retention of customers

Building a database and targeting

A solid database will allow you to determine what you really need. You will be able to more easily define your objectives in prospecting. Through targeting, you will be able to establish the category of people you need to approach. Once the targeting is done, find precise information on each prospect such as name, professional activity, origin of the contact, telephone number and head office. Feel free to add more information if you need it.

After collecting the data, sort out the elements that are useful and those that are not. You may want to use database management software to help you with this step.


Defining the message in your business prospecting strategy

Once the database has been built, the second step is to write the message to be sent. Consequently, you must always choose a title in relation to the expectations of your target. Keep in mind that the prospect must really be interested in the subject. The more punchy and engaging the message, the more attractive it will be. This will make it easier for customers to come to you.

The message should be as clear as possible. Don’t dwell on insignificant details at the risk of losing the recipient’s attention, but go straight to the point. The formatting also plays an important role. Pay particular attention to the colors and design of the message before sending it. Internet users attach great importance to the visual aspect of the message, before addressing its content.


The action plan

When preparing your prospecting campaign, you must organize your work. Start by writing a direct marketing action plan. Detail each action in order to find the best way to communicate according to your target and the budget you have. In this phase, you should perform the following two steps:

  • Identification: this consists of finding the prospects most interested in your services or products.
  • The interpellation: once the best target is identified, you can proceed with the communication.

Know that the mailing is also an effective means of communication, informing the targets of your company’s activities. Also, keep your prospects informed of possible offers by calling them regularly. Don’t forget you can contact your prospects through LinkedIn messaging. Write the messages according to the type of campaign you want to set up. If you are short of ideas, take inspiration from the few examples in this article: “Examples of LinkedIn messages“.


Business prospecting follow-up

In order to guarantee successful business development, follow-up on the results and the path taken is an important step. This phase consists mainly of managing the returns and determining the actions to be taken. You will therefore have to manage unsubscription requests as well as address changes. Be sure to exclude unnecessary contact information. Obviously, all this is done according to the chosen communication channel.

business prospecting


Once these returns have been processed, move on to the follow-up stage. Pay more attention to the sales opportunities as well as the negotiation strategies to consider. Don’t forget to analyze the campaign by taking into account the expenses, revenues and profitability of the project.



The retention of your customers is the final step of your business prospecting. This concerns both new customers and those who already constitute your network.

In this system, a poor quality of service is often the reason for the loss of customers. You should know that communication also plays a role in customer loyalty. Therefore, you need to use ways to keep in touch with your customers. This step may be an additional budget. However, keep in mind that you will be able to achieve much better results.

Think regularly about offering additional services or products to your customers. In order for your marketing strategy to work, it is essential to set up a loyalty chain.



In general, companies use business prospecting to find new customers. The means used and the actions carried out are then oriented towards new targets. Nevertheless, you should know that this strategy must include a step of loyalty of the already acquired customers in order to guarantee an optimal ROI.

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