Which is the best sales prospecting CRM tools for an effective follow-up?

Prospection actions are now part of the daily life of companies. They help to find new customers or prospects. This process is based on a set of methods designed to achieve well-defined objectives, including the development of the company. In order to, ensure a good ROI of your marketing strategy and at the same time increase your turnover significantly, you need to follow each step of your prospection carefully. We talked about this before, using sales prospecting tools can help you save time and work more efficiently. Thus, use a sales prospecting CRM tools to have an overview and keep control of your actions. Which sales prospecting CRM tool should you choose for a good prospection follow-up? Here are some suggestions for tools adapted to your company’s needs:

  • HubSpot, an intuitive tool
  • Axonaut, a complete CRM
  • Oracle Siebel CRM, an intelligent tool


HubSpot, an intuitive sales prospecting tool

Software manufacturers are aware of the importance of CRM or Customer Relationship Management in the success of companies. As the name suggests, this tool is used to manage customer relations. It provides a good overview of the processes involved in various actions such as business prospection, sales and much more.

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRMs for professionals in various sectors. Thus, this free software has the advantage of being complete. It acts both as a CRM and as a CMS. Here, we will focus on its customer relationship management functionality. Easy to handle, the platform can be adopted in any company to :

  • manage databases;
  • collect contact information; and
  • monitor the progress of a team’s actions, including those of the sales team;
  • Increase sales opportunities tenfold;
  • track the progress of prospection;
  • Develop a customer experience that lives up to a company’s reputation;
  • etc.

The ways in which the HubSpot tool can be used are varied. Thus, companies and freelancers can use it according to their objectives, notably as

  • marketing strategy support;
  • increase and follow up sales;
  • content management (data, contact information, etc.);
  • customer service management;
  • other operations.

All these points make HubSpot an intuitive and comprehensive CRM. Companies looking to get more results can use it with other tools, such as Kaspr, which is a LinkedIn extension that makes it easy to collect contact information from prospects. It is designed to easily integrate email addresses and phone numbers found via LinkedIn into your CRM automatically.


Axonaut, a complete CRM

Whatever the size of your company (SME, startup, large company, etc.), tools have been specially designed for you. Indeed, there are different CRMs that allow you to manage your customers, your invoicing, but also the follow-up of your commercial prospection. This is the case with Axonaut, an efficient and intelligent software.

Axonaut is used in the commercial process of companies. This complete tool makes your life easier by :

  • managing your customers ;
  • organising your appointments
  • seizing business opportunities;
  • etc.

This CRM is also equipped with other options for tracking invoicing, cash flow, accounting and many other operations. It is an all-in-one software that helps companies and makes them more efficient in their activities.

Axonaut’s dynamic features make it an intelligent tool for customer relationship management. Thanks to the multiple functionalities of this CRM, your sales team will be more efficient and reactive. Your company will be able to follow every step of the prospection process in detail.


Oracle Siebel CRM, a sales prospecting CRM tool

If you need a more efficient CRM, Oracle Siebel is for you. This tool has the advantage that it can be used both on site, i.e. within your company, but also anywhere via the cloud. And if one of your objectives is to improve the customer experience, you have found the right tool.

In the process of following up on prospection, Oracle Siebel CRM has a variety of features. The platform offers multiple benefits to support businesses. You can use it for your :

  • sales ;
  • marketing ;
  • business ;
  • user experience ;
  • and more.

For an efficient follow-up of your prospection actions, Oracle Siebel allows you to create applications and modules corresponding to your needs. This tool is also composed of a large scalable architecture. You can modify, organise, monitor and analyse your functionality at any time.


In a nutshell

To define the best CRM for your prospection follow-up, choose it according to your technical needs, but also in terms of desired results. For example, some tools offer complete modules, but are not intuitive enough. Others are complex to use, but scalable. Therefore, first of all, identify your expectations before selecting the CRM capable of accompanying you at each stage of your activity.

What’s more, we wrote about selecting the best video conference tool to have quality remote meetings with your prospects, check this out.

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