Who should be approached in a prospecting strategy?

You have worked out your arguments in great detail after having made considerable efforts to build up a well-informed lead file. Now you want to take action and meet your lead. One product or service cannot meet everyone’s needs at once. That’s why it’s important to know how to define your target group when prospecting on LinkedIn or other channels. The objective: to find leads that will be receptive to your offer. When it comes to prospecting strategy, knowing how to talk to your potential customer is a fundamental principle in order to make a sale.

You will find here two essential points developed in this article, to achieve this:

  • How to identify your lead in a prospecting strategy?
  • How to talk to your contact?


Identify your lead in a prospecting strategy

In the process of prospecting on LinkedIn or other channels, the person you are talking to, may not always be a decision maker. A sales team is sometimes faced with other people on different hierarchical levels in a company. Who are they?


The term “gatekeepers” can also be translated as “barrage”. These people are secretaries, switchboard operators, assistants, etc. In other words, they are people who must sometimes be passed through to reach a decision-maker.

In the context of prospecting, dealing with gatekeepers is a real challenge. Indeed, gatekeepers can act as filters, making contact with the decision-maker more difficult.

However, having a gatekeeper as an interlocutor can also be a great advantage for you. As a valuable ally of the decision-maker, he or she is aware of the company’s situation. That is why it is imperative to ask relevant questions such as: “Do you work closely with the manager? The answer you get will allow you to measure the gatekeeper’s power of influence on the decision-maker.


Within a company, influencers are people at a lower hierarchical level. During your LinkedIn prospecting, you may also come into contact with them. As their name suggests, influencers have the power to influence decision-making. Their role is to assess the relevance of the solution you propose to the company. They then give their opinion about the product or service to the decision maker.

The salesperson’s role is to convince the decision-maker, but before doing so, he or she must first measure his or her capacity to influence. So the questions to ask are: “What are the chances that the decision-maker will follow your recommendations? By asking this, you can anticipate how the influencer will present the solution to their superior, and thus better focus the discussion.

The decision-maker

The decision-maker occupies a higher position in the hierarchy of an organisation. He or she can be a leader, an executive, a director, a CEO, etc. Being in direct contact with a decision-maker is often the objective of the salesperson, as it is the decision-maker who makes the final decision and grants or does not grant the signature.

Talking to a decision-maker means having the opportunity to propose the products directly to them by developing relevant sales arguments. They have the power to give you a “YES”, although they may also talk to a decision committee first.

How to talk to your contact?

Here are some tips on how to talk to your contact person successfully.

Focus the discussion on the person you are talking to

First, you need to identify who you are talking to. If the person is not a decision-maker, try to understand the dynamics of the relationship between them and their superior. Also determine their power of influence. With this information in mind, you need to adjust your words to suit their point of view by developing the interests of your solution.

If you are talking to a gatekeeper, you need to set two objectives. The first is to be able to offer your product or service and tell them about all the benefits for the company. And the second goal is to reach the decision maker.

Sell ” support “

Prospecting on LinkedIn or any other type of prospecting involves a subtle approach technique. Before talking to the person, the salesperson must first understand the product or service to be sold. It is not just a question of knowing its technical aspects, but above all its values. Then, it must be proposed as a solution that will help the company to satisfy a need. Whether you are welcomed by an influencer, a gatekeeper or directly by a decision maker, this technique will serve you well. By the way, discover in this article, other skills to have to make a successful sale.


The challenge of closing a sale is a complicated task in prospecting, including on LinkedIn. Knowing who to talk to is a key skill that leads to this goal. It is important to know that decision-making depends on a committee of several members, including the decision-maker, the gatekeeper and the influencer. As a marketer, you should therefore know how to adapt your words to the person you are talking to (one of these people) by always asking the right questions.


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