Sales prospecting steps : defining a persona to reach your target

Keeping in mind the sales prospecting stages towards the perfect strategy, one of the firsts sales prospecting steps, the persona is the key to a successful strategy. The persona is a semi-fictional representation of all the characteristics of your potential customers. Based on market research and the behaviour of your current consumers, creating a quality persona allows you to develop the best marketing strategy. Indeed, knowing your targets better gives you the possibility to reach a very precise audience. This will allow you to adopt a personalised approach with the aim of turning them into loyal customers. However, modelling your prospects requires a lot of time and an efficient approach. How do you create a good persona?

To learn more about the sales prospecting step of defining a persona, read the following points in the article:

  • Define your objectives
  • Multiply your information search channels
  • Draw up a profile of your personas
  • Use and refine your personas


Define your sales prospecting persona according to your objectives

Whatever marketing strategy you adopt, it is imperative to know your targets well. You need to study their needs and issues in order to provide personalised solutions through your products or services. Hence, the importance of this sales prospecting steps: the persona. But, how to produce a quality persona?

Before you do this, first determine the company’s objectives. Do you need to create a profile of your potential customers to launch new products or to expand your market? Also, the steps to follow in B2B business development are different from those used in B2C. Based on the established objectives, formulate questionnaires to collect the relevant information. The results of your in-depth research help you to create a quality persona profile.


Multiply your information research channels

In-depth research is essential if you want to obtain valuable information about your prospects. To this end, diversify the methods and channels you use.

Feedback from your sales teams

The sales teams are in direct contact with your former customers or with the current beneficiaries of your offers. This includes sales people, customer service people, consultants, etc. Questioning these company staff will be more beneficial for the design sales prospecting persona.

Social networks and forums

Join social networks dealing with topics related to the products or services you sell. Be aware that the choice of audience varies according to their field of activity, their interests, etc. For example, the LinkedIn platform is ideal for gathering rich B2B information. In fact, you can read the article “How to generate more leads on LinkedIn” if you are interested in this topic. It tells you how to get immediate access to your targets’ contact details. In B2C, potential customers are mostly found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

As far as forums are concerned, there are platforms such as Quora or other specific virtual spaces. Internet users exchange views on various topics. Pay attention to the various complaints of the members, the aspects they appreciate or those that leave them indifferent. Also take advantage of the various tools (Facebook Ads Manager, etc.). They allow you to access various information (age groups, male/female ratio, professional activities, etc.) of the visitors to your page.

Existing customers

Supplement all the information you have collected previously with interviews (telephone, physical or virtual) with your existing customers. Choose the people who are most loyal to you and find out more about the aspects of your business that they value. It is also important to know what they don’t like.


Build high quality profiles for your personas

Have you collected enough data? Analyze and synthesize the collected information and create your quality personas. Create 2 or 3 personas in order to reach all the people who might be interested in your offers. In general, your cards contain the following elements :

  • first and last name ;
  • gender
  • age range
  • place of residence;
  • employment ;
  • marital status ;
  • interests ;
  • habits ;
  • personalities ;
  • etc.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the information you need to know. You can adapt it according to your sector of activity (B2B or B2C prospecting, etc.). Add, for example, your targets’ preferences in terms of technology, their purchasing behaviour, the problems they encounter, etc.


Use and refine your personas

Once you have good personas, you can develop or improve your marketing strategy. Now you know where to find your potential customers on social networks. You have learned about their habits and personalities. Are you applying the inbound marketing approach? Create relevant content, attractive blog posts to generate maximum leads. Then use the detailed information about your personas to choose the best communication techniques. Offer your products and services to your contacts in a subtle way. As the market situation and the behaviour of your prospects change, make changes to your personas.



Establishing a quality persona is one of the levers of an effective marketing strategy. It is based on an in-depth study of the behaviour of your potential customers. This will allow you to target your customers more accurately, to adopt the right approach techniques and to improve your conversion rates. It also guarantees a better return on investment, which you should track with KPIs.

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