How to stand out on social networks?

According to research, 94% of small businesses use social networks to sell their products or services. Standing out from the competition becomes quite difficult if you don’t adopt the right strategies. Follow the guide!

This article will cover the following points to help you stand out on social networks:

  • Choose the right social networks to exploit
  • Offer educational content
  • Present topical issues
  • Listen to your audience
  • Make sure your content is well presented
  • Be yourself

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Choose the right social networks to use

The choice of social network depends on your target audience. If you don’t know how to determine your target audience, you can consult our advice in this article: “How to define your target audience in outbound marketing”.

You should also consider your company’s values. For example, if you’re a mechanic, having an Instagram or Pinterest account doesn’t make much sense. On the other hand, these social networks are very useful for professionals in the restaurant business. Nevertheless, Facebook is the social network to use, regardless of your company’s field of activity. For LinkedIn, it should be preferred as part of a B2B marketing strategy.

Offer educational content

Customers are more likely to buy a product or service if it has an educational aspect. They prefer to be educated about what you are offering so they can make a purchase without feeling like they are being ripped off. A large majority of Internet users prefer to discover a product through your content than through traditional advertising.

All brands have expertise that makes them unique and different from others. When you share your experiences, your subscribers have more confidence in you. They will see you as an altruistic brand that wants to educate and share its knowledge. To this end, be sure to showcase your expertise by creating informative videos or tutorials to inspire your followers.

Present current topics

To stand out on social networks, it is necessary to present current topics related to your field of activity. Indeed, it is these topics that attract internet users. However, you should also consider including international days in your topics.

Newsjacking is a strategy that allows you to subtly seize on a news item by playing the humour card. As part of your social media strategy, it is a quick and inexpensive way to gain visibility. It also allows you to create a link with your audience. Thanks to the humour and the tone used, it will be easier to arouse the interest of your targets.

Listen to your audience

To succeed in standing out more on social networks, you need to be proactive with your targets and followers. Focus on dialogue and make your audience feel valued by you. Also respect them when you ask for their opinions or advice on a particular subject.

Listening to your audience is also a way to get feedback on your products and services. In effect, you are showing your audience how important they are. By continuing to do this, you will gradually gain the trust of your audience.

Make sure your content is well presented

When it comes to sharing content on social networks, photos and videos come directly to mind. Remember that 65% of your audience are visual learners. Therefore, don’t hesitate to present images of your company, but also personal photos. To optimise your strategy, focus on images that are related to your brand so that your subscribers will easily remember your company. You can also post live videos to further distinguish yourself on social media.

Note that no matter which social network you choose, posts with visual content will generate much more engagement. On Facebook, posts with images receive twice the engagement rate compared to posts without images.

Be yourself

Clearly, brands that communicate like automatons have little chance of thriving on social networks. To succeed in your strategy, be yourself. Show your brand’s personality in your posts. Start by having a proper dialogue with your fans, taking care to personalise each post rather than just talking down to them. You’ll find that people will see your brand in a friendly light and appreciate your services more.

Also, be aware that your followers want to know your story and who you really are. By adopting an authentic and transparent approach, your audience will be able to identify you more easily. Therefore, don’t hesitate to share inspiring information on social networks.


Social media are channels that should not be underestimated in your marketing strategy. To achieve concrete and lasting results, you need to make sure you stand out. By applying the tips above, you can be sure of a successful strategy. It is important to consider every detail to ensure the success of your approach.

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