Lead generation : what is lead tracking?

In order to have a relevant lead generation strategy, you need to associate to your website a tool to follow up with your leads. How to retain new potential customers? We know that inbound marketing strategy is the ideal solution to bring consumers to a brand. This marketing approach consists in offering quality content (informative and interesting) to arouse the interest of the target.

What exactly is it and what are the advantages of this strategy? Discover the answers in this article answering the following questions:

  • What is lead tracking?
  • Which tools can you use in your lead tracking strategy?
  • How to proceed with web tracking on your website?

What is lead tracking in a lead generation strategy?

Lead tracking is a process used to identify and monitor the activity of your leads. So, this is done by tracking the number of visits and users connected to your website for example. There are tools designed to collect and record all key business information about visitors. Knowing this, allows you to generate more business opportunities. This type of tools shows you how potential customers are accessing your site. Tracking software is the best way to implement a good lead generation strategy.

This digital marketing technique allows you to:

  • identify website visitors via their IP address;
  • observe their browsing behavior on the site;
  • Measure the time spent on each web page;
  • analyze the links clicked and the pages visited;
  • to carry out statistics of visits;
  • to qualify their centers of interest;
  • Scoring each visitor (evaluating their maturity in their purchasing path);
  • to segment the different marketing targets
  • to propose personalized commercial offers to each visitor.


This information allows you to know your prospects better and to better respond to their problems. And therefore, to adapt and optimize your lead generation plan. You are thus able to offer them a product or a service in line with their needs.


Lead generation

Which tools can you use in your lead generation and tracking strategy?

To identify, reveal and score your visitors, you can integrate lead tracking tools into your website. Below are some of the most effective lead tracking software.


GetQuanty provides you with information about the companies that visit your page. The data collected is used to focus on the important elements of your online business.

GetQuanty not only allows you to track prospect activity but also to identify the right decision makers. The next step is to retarget them by email, tchat and display and more.

Crazy Egg

The Crazy Egg website analytics tool offers you an excellent suite of features to achieve your platform’s goals. It allows you to visually understand user behavior.

Crazy Egg communicates real-time user interaction on your products or checkout pages. In addition, it ranks your website content in order of importance to your customers.


How to proceed with the web tracking?

We recommend that you integrate one of the above mentioned tools into your website to make it easier to track your leads. The visitor tracking tool offers you many advantages and is essential in a global lead generation strategy.

Easy tracking and updating of your CRM

The visitor tracking tool provides you with relevant information about your prospects. You have the possibility to permanently qualify your contact file with all the data concerning each prospect. You will be able to listen to their expectations, be attentive to their reactions and be reactive to their requests.

An easier way to make appointments with your prospects

Customer data is made available to your sales representatives to enable them to contact them at the right time. It is easier to define the prospecting and direct marketing actions to adopt in order to reach the set objectives (close sales). However, it is important to know the 5 mistakes to avoid when it comes to commercial prospecting and cold calling.

Monitoring the performance of your website and lead generation strategy

To evaluate the effectiveness of your web page, simply observe the browsing behavior of your prospects. The objective is to encourage visitors to spend more time reading the content. If not, you should consider changing it to improve it. You can create useful content (demonstration videos, testimonials, a newsletter with good tips…).


Lead tracking is a digital marketing approach allowing you to identify your leads’ behavior. You just need to integrate a web tracking tool to your page to get all the useful information. In conclusion, even if inbound and outbound marketing strategies are opposed, it is possible to exploit them in a complementary way to generate ultra qualified leads.

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