Outbound recruiting: the best way to recruit a salesperson?

When we talk about a salesperson, we tend to say “hard to find”. Let’s face it, recruiting a salesperson is a difficult task, as it is an unattractive position and candidates are scarce. However, having a salesperson on your team is essential to improve your company’s sales. Are you looking for a sales person to increase your turnover? This article provides tips and explain the notion of outbound recruiting on how to find your talent by addressing the following points:

  • What qualities should you look for in a salesperson?
  • Which sourcing channel should you use to find your dream candidate?
  • How to approach a candidate effectively?

Oubound recruiting

What qualities should you look for in a salesperson?

Some qualities are particularly required in a salesperson in order for him or her to be able to carry out the job properly. It is important to have a reliable and efficient professional in your team to achieve your commercial objectives. If you want to find the rare pearl, you should first study the soft skills of your candidate, as described in this article: “The skills to look for in a good salesperson”.

Good interpersonal skills

In commercial prospecting, the goal of a salesperson is to build trust with clients and prospects. A good candidate must have good interpersonal skills to establish a healthy and honest relationships. The candidate should be reliable, transparent, proactive and a good communicator. When talking to prospects he must know when to be transparent and reliable. Ideally, he is comfortable with LinkedIn and social selling. He is interested in sharing his experiences and challenges in order to establish his expertise with his prospects.

A quality that is highly valued by prospects is the empathy of a salesperson. They must always put themselves in their customers’ shoes and listen to them in order to build loyalty.

Stress management and organization

Secondly, a strong ability to withstand pressure and stress is required. It is also important to know how to manage stress and turn it into strength to move forward. If problems arise, he is able to show initiative, make the right decisions and overcome obstacles.

Also, an achieved goal is the result of good organisation. A salesperson has excellent organisational skills in order to be able to manage his or her customer portfolio.

Argumentation and company knowledge

Sales means arguments. A good salesperson has mastered the art of convincing, which is essential for closing a sale. The greatest challenge for salespeople is to convince even the most reluctant prospects. To do this, they must be assertive and know their company and product inside out. And above all, he must be able to find convincing sales arguments without selling dust.

Determination and perseverance

The job of a salesperson is not always a relaxing one. Failures are frequent, which is why a salesperson never gives up. On the contrary, difficulties are one of the reasons why they sometimes have to question themselves and redouble their efforts to move forward.

Which sourcing channel should you use to find your dream candidate?

Finding the right sourcing method will help you find the right salesperson. Outbound recruiting is a revolutionary method. It consists of going directly to the person who fits the profile and convincing them to join your company. Outbound recruiting is inspired by marketing: the candidate is considered as a prospect to whom you want to sell a product: the sales position.

To find the right profiles, all you have to do is use LinkedIn. HR uses this social network massively for recruitment. In your case, don’t hesitate to target employees of competing companies if you are looking for someone who excels in sales. To get their contact information, use the Kaspr lead generation tool, which is designed to retrieve email addresses and phone numbers of your candidates on LinkedIn. You can then integrate them into your CRM, such as Hubspot.

How to approach a candidate effectively?

The recruiter can now contact the candidate by email or by calling them directly on the phone to set up an appointment. However, a good salesperson may be in great demand from other companies or even already working for a competing company. That is why it is essential to have a strategy in place to convince the candidate to come for an interview. Your approach is decisive in establishing a relevant first contact with the prospective salesperson. To do this, you will have to follow the following process:

  • Get to know the candidate through their LinkedIn profile;
  • Analyse their posts and dialogue with them in the same way;
  • Present your company and your projects;
  • Highlight the benefits your employees enjoy;
  • Show your interest in their skills;
  • Talk about career development;
  • Don’t leave a good candidate without a reply for more than 48 hours, or you risk leaving them to the competition;
  • If they turn down your offer, be courteous and remind them that the job is still available if they change their mind.

By taking the right approach, focusing on their interests and the benefits of your offer, you can consider that half the job is done.


The salesperson is a major player in the development of a business. Hiring the wrong candidate can have a detrimental impact on your business. It is true that good salespeople are in short supply these days, but by adopting a good recruitment strategy such as outbound recruiting, you will find the perfect candidate.

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