How to solve your lead generation problems?

Many companies struggle to find marketing strategies that help them generate leads. Many problems can occur and many factors can block your sales prospecting. What are the most common difficulties in lead generation campaigns and what are the solutions? The details through this article.

To better understand the subject, you will discover through the following lines :

  • The refusal to fill out the form ;
  • A high bounce rate.


Lead generation: refusing to fill out a form

The form is an efficient way to collect personal data from targets. This business prospecting tool contributes to the success of your lead generation campaign.


Common mistakes in form design

Some digital marketers want to gather all relevant information about a company’s future customers in a single form. They ask suspects to fill in several mandatory fields. This error demotivates visitors to qualify and they may leave the page without leaving their contacts.


Tips to generate contacts from a form

You want to generate contacts in a fast and efficient way? Think of proposing a relevant and easy to fill form. Limit the mandatory fields to give your suspects more freedom. One contact per target is more than enough to start your prospecting campaign. There is no need to ask them to give you their email address and phone number at the same time.

When generating contacts, a form must be short and fluid so that visitors agree to fill it in without any hesitation. The key is to know how to limit the number of questions so that your targets can complete everything in less than two minutes.


Lead generation: a strong increase in the bounce rate

All content published in outbound marketing is used to entice a target audience to enter a conversion funnel. It can also help generate leads. However, a large number of visitors may view your page and leave without responding to your call to action.

Lead generation


The main causes of a high bounce rate in lead generation

There are several reasons why visitors may close your page without entering a conversion tunnel:

  • Difficulty reading your content: the user experience is a crucial element that should never be neglected in business prospecting. In the majority of cases, visitors leave a page as soon as they feel difficulty in navigating the interface.
  • The publication of a content without interest: when you propose a content, think first of the expectations of your targets. They may quickly close your page as soon as they feel that your article is not interesting.

Make sure you find marketing strategies that will decrease bounce rates. The following tips can help you remedy this situation.


Some solutions to reduce bounce rate

Before publishing an article, take the time to analyze the needs of your target audience. All your content should help them find a solution to their problem. Adapt your content to all types of media (tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.). You must then give value to the UX design.

The use of a marketing tool like the chatbot helps reduce bounce rates. Ideally, you should prospect on multiple platforms in order to acquire a large number of leads and then convert them into customers. Kaspr is a very interesting LinkedIn prospecting tool as it has multiple features. Among other things, it offers you the possibility of accelerating your contact acquisition by using the LinkedIn prospecting automation option.


What’s important

The success of a lead generation campaign does not only depend on the choice of marketing strategies to be implemented. It requires consideration of the details and especially the mistakes to avoid. A single source of de-motivation can make a visitor leave your page without responding to your call to action.

Make an evaluation of your digital marketing campaign from time to time, change strategies and keep the techniques are effective. Don’t hesitate to search for your potential customers through several platforms. Refer to outbound recruiting techniques to get in touch with your prospects.

Want to know the most used digital marketing methods to succeed in your lead generation campaign? This article on lead generation marketing strategies can give you a head start.

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