Our tips for negotiating a win-win outcome

At the end of a negotiation, it is possible for both parties to end up as winners. In fact, this is the best possible outcome for the parties involved. Whether it is a contract signing, salary negotiation or obtaining new clients, each party can be satisfied after the meeting. However, this type of negotiation cannot be improvised. Find out some tips on how to approach such a discussion and ensure that it leads to a satisfactory agreement. This article discusses the following points:

  • Win-win negotiation: what exactly is it?
  • Some tips for successful win-win negotiation


Win-win negotiation: what exactly is it?

First of all, it is important to define the principle of win-win negotiation. By understanding how it works, it will be easier for you to adopt this negotiation technique.

This method differs from traditional win-lose negotiations. It allows each party to be satisfied. It was invented by the American psychologist Thomas Gordon. At the very beginning, it was used to resolve disputes within the family. But over time, it has proven to be a successful technique in the workplace as well. Many people use it to negotiate a new contract, different working conditions, salary, with clients or even with prospects. You will find valuable advice on the different stages of commercial prospection in this article: Commercial prospection: the 5 key steps to follow. Through win-win negotiation, it becomes possible to establish an agreement between the different parties. The method helps to establish a balance between your interests and those of your interlocutors.

Tips for successful win-win negotiations

The success of a win-win negotiation depends on the willingness of each party involved. On your part, you must first of all be a good negotiator by being a good listener and being comfortable expressing your ideas. You can use the following tips to ensure that you are likely to come out on top in the negotiation.

Believe in the success of the negotiation

If the negotiator is not convinced that the negotiation he is about to enter into can succeed, it will be difficult to convince the other party. Therefore, it is important to prepare oneself mentally in advance and be prepared for all eventualities. In any case, they must believe in the success of the negotiation. It is important to be confident even before starting the discussion.

Expressing your needs while taking into account the needs of the other party

In a win-win negotiation, you should not hesitate to express your expectations and feelings. You need to show that you are sure of yourself and your arguments. However, it is also important to focus on what the other person is saying. Give them the attention they need to feel that they are the centre of your concerns. Then, don’t forget to let them know that you are ready to find a solution during the negotiation.

Define the concessions you can accept

In order to achieve a possible balance, you may have to make concessions. It is therefore important to determine in advance which points of the project you can concede. You can cut into your margins on delivery times, your prices or any other aspect of your project. By agreeing to make concessions, you show your contact that you are willing to do so. Then, you must already anticipate what you want to obtain in return for the concessions made.

Know how to be humble

Like all negotiation techniques, it is important to remain humble. Indeed, it is advisable to be prepared for possible remarks from your interlocutor. Then, some unwelcome or inappropriate comments for the situation may arise during the conversation. You should not take them with a displeased look and respond with other inappropriate comments. In these situations, it is important to analyse the words used to see if there are any opportunities to be gained from them.

Ask key questions to better understand your counterpart.

In order to obtain relevant details about the person you are talking to, you can ask him or her some well-defined questions. These will help you to gather as much information as possible about the person and their interests in the negotiation. You can even get a head start and find out before the negotiation takes place. Indeed, a good negotiation always requires preparation beforehand.

Knowing when to give up

In some situations, the win-win approach can also end in a walkout. This happens when the other party does not want to make concessions. If you persist in going ahead with the negotiation in these cases, you risk suffering financial losses. This refusal to make concessions is a real blockage that could also be a source of frustration as the discussion progresses. Also, it is important to choose the right moment to exit the negotiation and avoid losing a lot.

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To conclude

The win-win approach is a preferred negotiation technique in the business world. It is based on the fact that each party can come out a winner by making concessions and offering adequate compensation. The advice provided will help every negotiator to succeed in a win-win negotiation.

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