What skills should you look for in a good salesperson?

Want to improve the performance of your sales force? You need good salespeople, that’s for sure! Outbound recruiting is about finding the best candidates you want to hire without advertising to the general public. This new recruiting method has proven itself, the results are more than good. And you can use LinkedIn to spot the best candidates. Look for soft skills before hard skills by taking a look to the candidate’s personality and interests.

Outbound recruiting

Discover in this article a list of skills that a good salesperson must have:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical mind
  • Persuasiveness
  • Empathy and active listening skills
  • Perseverance
  • Organizational skills


Skill n°1: interpersonal skills

Relational ease is the most valued skill in a salesperson. Not only does it allow you to establish a climate of trust with your customers, but it also allows you to develop your customer portfolios.

Hiring a salesperson with interpersonal skills will offer you many advantages, as he or she is able to :

  • Convey the right message;
  • Establish a healthy relationship with prospects;
  • Interact appropriately and smoothly;
  • Facilitate business negotiations; and
  • Resolve conflicts.

As part of your outbound recruiting, it is therefore preferable to recruit the candidate who possesses this quality to help you achieve your business objectives.


Skill n°2: analytical thinking

You should choose the candidate who demonstrates the greatest analytical ability in your recruitment process. This person is able to identify challenges and find solutions to them. In addition, this person is able to take initiative and participate in decision making.

A sales person with this quality does not panic when faced with an obstacle. If the problem seems hopeless, he or she will still find the right solution.


Skill n°3: persuasiveness

Persuasiveness is an essential element in closing a sales in commercial negotiations. The candidate with this quality could easily convince the most reluctant customers. In order to have this communication skill, the salesperson must know the company and its offer perfectly. He must master his market:

  • The products and services sold (characteristics, price, benefits, and advantages…) ;
  • The behavior of customers and their expectations;
  • The strengths and weaknesses of competitors;
  • The ability to build a convincing speech;
  • The knowledge of the internal and external environment enables him to influence the purchasing decision of his prospects.


Skill n°4: empathy and active listening

To succeed in your outbound recruiting, you need to look for candidates who are capable of empathy and listening. This salesperson can identify the motivations, the obstacles and the needs of his prospects by practicing active listening. In addition, he or she will not use scripts. They will offer a personalized response adapted to the customer and his or her problem.

Moreover, customers need to feel accompanied throughout their visit. Thus, they will come back and recommend you. The salesperson’s ability to put himself/herself in their shoes helps to build loyalty and establish a lasting relationship with them.

A salesperson who likes to talk and enjoys contact with others can create a climate of trust with his or her customers.


Skill n°5: perseverance

The salesperson is the lifeblood of the company. The quality of perseverance allows him not to give up easily after a hard blow. And the one who never gives up always ends up winning. Your outbound recruiting strategy must be centered around searching for a persistent sales person. He or she is a real asset for your company thanks to these skills:

  • Knowing how to redouble your efforts to succeed after failure and rejection;
  • Knowing how to question yourself and always move forward;
  • Be patient with an indecisive or frustrated customer;
  • Give the best of yourself to your prospect;
  • Keep a smile and calm in front of his target, both in person and on the phone.

When faced with certain difficulties, a good salesperson will never give up. No matter what the situation, they remain focused and committed to their goals.


Skill n°6: organizational skills

Organizational skills are one of the most sought-after skills in a salesperson, as they allow him or her to be efficient at work. An organized and methodical salesperson will be able to easily manage the customer portfolio.

With this quality, the salesperson can establish a clear vision of his or her mission and make effective decisions in all circumstances. He can also manage the unexpected, stress and time in an optimal way. In addition, he or she is able to show commitment to the company and to listen to others.



A good salesperson must possess many skills to carry out their mission successfully. Interpersonal skills, persuasiveness and analytical skills are the most appreciated qualities in a salesperson. In addition, they must be empathetic, persevering, organized and methodical. With the dynamism of social networks, outbound recruiting makes it possible to find the best candidate in complete confidentiality. We listed other skills to look for in your team, find them here.

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