The most effective commercial prospecting methods

What are the most effective methods of commercial prospecting?

To increase its sales, a company must prospect. To reach the objectives set out in its commercial prospecting strategy, it can choose between different methods. So before choosing the one that seems to be the most efficient, discover the most used methods:

  • Direct prospecting
  • E-mail marketing
  • Telephone prospecting
  • Networking prospecting


Commercial prospecting: direct prospecting

Meeting your prospects directly offers you the opportunity to quickly convert them into potential customers. Indeed, you have the opportunity to quickly establish a relationship, but especially to put the prospect in confidence. With this one-on-one approach, your leads will directly link the brand to your name.

However, you need to master the art of communication if you want to adopt this method of business prospecting. Position yourself as an advisor, without forcing the prospect to buy your products. Listen to their needs and use them to convince them to accept the solution you offer. Direct prospecting requires a great deal of availability, as you must be present at every event where your potential prospects are present. But, its effectiveness lies in the fact that you can choose your future prospects and make a good impression.


Commercial prospecting: e-mail marketing

Professionals have used cold calling for many years and it has remained effective. If you opt for this method of commercial prospecting, avoid being aggressive and trying to sell at all costs. To attract the attention of your prospects, first work on the subject of your email. For example, organize contests or invite them to participate in events. Make sure that the recipient wants to read your e-mail.

The content should be compelling and intriguing, and should boost the interest of your prospect. To build trust, provide them with offers that meet their needs. By outlining potential problems, you are encouraging them to adopt the solution you are proposing. Don’t forget to end your message with a “Call to Action”.

Sending personalized emails can be very time consuming, which is why an automation software can be very useful. Moreover, it facilitates the follow-up and allows you to know the opening date of the sent emails.


Commercial prospecting: phone prospecting

commercial prospecting

Phone prospecting allows you to have a warm conversation with qualified prospects. To search for interesting profiles, use professional applications. Some communities encourage Internet users to share their opinions on all marketable products. A simple keyword is enough to multiply the search results.

Once you have the list, the next step is to find arguments to attract the attention of each prospect. To do this, link their respective needs to what your products can do for them.

Then proceed to the cold call, and expose your product to convince them to make a purchase. This technique requires communication skills and perseverance, as some prospects are hard to convince. Nevertheless, this method of sales prospecting is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship with customers. To avoid a high rejection rate, pay particular attention to the development of the list of prospects to contact.


Commercial prospecting: networking prospecting

The operation consists in extracting from a network the information concerning all the people likely to buy a product. This commercial prospecting is generally done on LinkedIn because of its scope compared to other social networks. This practice is very common because by building a network of prospects, you can generate qualified leads.

Digital prospecting is done in two steps, including making connections and choosing groups. First, you have to use existing profiles to find those that match your search criteria. After this step, you can join any group that might be interested in your products. Be reactive to mark your presence on the network, and thus develop good relationships with your prospects.

This method is profitable in the long run, but requires a lot of patience. To implement it, you can be inspired by this article: How to prospect on LinkedIn?


Things to remember

There are various prospecting methods you can adopt to achieve your business goals. Telephone prospecting, e-mail marketing, direct mail and lead generation are all effective. For more efficiency, you must define your activity according to the marketing strategy you have adopted. Moreover, you can use several methods at the same time to increase your chances of success.

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