Linkedin is the largest professional network of all time with over 400 million users worldwide. It brings together nearly 90% of professionals from all sectors, thus generating the most leads in B2B. So how to generate leads on LinkedIn ? Here is our 2022 update !

generate leads on linkedin

Generate Leads on LinkedIn #1 Your profile

Taking care of your profile may seem trivial to you, but it’s very important to generate leads on Linkedin. Your prospects don’t necessarily know you professionally, let alone personally. It is from your profile that they will draw information about you. It is therefore natural to take care of this identity card.

To have a successful profile and give a professional image of you or your company, here are a few rules to follow. Choose a professional profile photo, in very good quality if necessary. If it’s for a company page, a logo will do very well. The goal is to allow your prospects to remember the photo, in case they don’t remember your name.

Take good care of the title to optimize Linkedin lead generation. Mentioning your current or previous position is not enough. Think about detailing your experiences, the projects you’ve carried out, your results. Whether it’s a personal account or a company page, your profile must be regularly updated. Remember that this is a space dedicated to showcasing your expertise or that of your company.

Generate Leads on LinkedIn #2 Being active

LinkedIn has become a much more personal social network in recent years and it has become essential to position yourself as an expert in your field. This will allow you to gain visibility and find new contacts. This strategy is important to generate leads on LinkedIn, more in 2022 than ever!

There’s no better way to get noticed than to be active. Remember to devote 15 minutes to your network every day. It’s not just about posting updates, but also commenting on other members’ publications that you find relevant. Also remember to post regularly. The hardest part is not to spend too much time writing and creating content for your posts. Here are our tips for doing this:

  • Find your preferred theme

Once you have chosen your favourite theme, create your content around this theme only. You will position yourself as an expert on this theme in your network and will associate your company with the image you give of yourself. Choose the theme “Prospecting” for example and publish only on this subject, giving tips for prospecting. By choosing a theme, you will find it easier to come up with ideas for creating relevant content that works.

  • Send invitations to your target audience

This will allow you to increase your network on the audience you are targeting. Automate this step with Kaspr’s sales automation and by automatically sending invitations and automated messages to your targeted contact list on LinkedIn. Beware of the limits though. Last time I checked, the LinkedIn invitation limits were set at 100 invitations per week!

To get more advice forr prospecting on linkedin, you can read our article : How to successfully prospect on LinkedIn ?

generate leads on linkedin

Generate Leads on LinkedIn #3 Groups

Remember that the purpose of a social network such as Linkedin is to allow its members to build relationships. What better way to stand out than to actively share and comment in a discussion group? It’s a way to build your expertise with community members who have the same interests as you.

However, there is no question of joining just any group in order to generate leads on Linkedin. Choose groups that have at least 500 members and the majority of which are active. Be sure to read the group’s rules before joining to see if they align with your goals.

You can also create your own discussion group and increase your visibility. You must devote time to animate it by dealing with topics that are relevant to your members. Evoking topics that affect them will lead your members to react, comment and ask questions. The people you are targeting have the same problems and are looking for the same solutions. Get them to find in you the best outcome with solutions that reflect your expertise. The more you interact with members, the more you increase your subscribers, the more leads you will get.

Generate Leads on LinkedIn #4 Automatic Advertising

Sharing content is not always enough to generate leads on Linkedin. Why not turn to Linkedin Campaign Manager? This paid option for automated advertising allows you to focus on other tasks and maximises your chances of reaching your targets. The platform offers three types of advertising to increase your visibility, the first step to generate leads on Linkedin.

Sponsored content is also an option that places your publications, whether new or old, on the news feed of your target audience. Simply specify the profile of the people you want to reach and the distribution will be done automatically. The content will appear as ordinary content, with the only difference being that it will be marked “Sponsored”.

The textAds is a small bubble on the right or top of the news feed. This option allows you to launch your ad with an image of 100 x 100 pixels (optional), a title of 25 characters max, a description of 75 characters and a URL of 2,000 characters max.

InMail is a means by which you can send messages to your prospects, even without having their email addresses. Think about fine-tuning the structure so that it doesn’t get confused with spam. To do this, be concise and clear, which is a prerequisite for attracting attention. Accuracy is essential. Emails with downloadable documents, studies, or reliable information are more likely to interest prospects. Leads prioritize companies that add information to their areas of activity.


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